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The value in working with a partner like MHK Marketing Group is that we work
together to develop and maintain a strong website with the right elements and
content your audience needs. Whether you need a completely new site or
updates to your existing site, working with a marketing professional will give
you the tools, SEO tips and content management expertise to have not just a
beautiful website - but a useful and valuable website!

We can work in two ways. First, independently with full control of the website or
we can work with your existing web vendor or a specialized web partner to meet
more complex  needs.  Below are some sample websites of both.  

1> Websites built by MHK Marketing:

Below are a few samples of websites I have built and have trained the client to
manage on their own or I am still involved in the management of the site.

mhksolutions.com (my website)







"Websites are a
critical component
of your marketing
mix.   You need
valuable  on-going
content and a strong
image of what you
offer to clients,
partners and referral
Website Design,Development and Management
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2> Working with another web designer:

Some clients have an established web partner or require extensive design and
functional elements.  In this case, I work with the web designer managing
design ideas, imaging and branding, writing text, identifying keywords, SEO and
content.  The necessary marketing aspects of the website are managed by a
marketing professional in partnership with the web developer doing the behind
the scenes coding.

Below are a few of the sites I have worked on with partners.






As a marketing professional, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your website
and SEO needs for working just with me, your web partner or one of my trusted
web design partners.